Barbiturates Single Panel Drug Test Kit

Barbiturates Single Panel Drug Test Kit


Make Sure You Definitely Are Clean Before Taking Your Actual Test! – Urinalysis is the most frequently used and least expensive form of drug testing used by employers today, making up approximately 85% of all drug testing. The results are taken from your urine sample providing information and indication of recent drug use. It is fast, accurate, and easy to perform. These are the same tests that are usually sold to employers, courts, schools, drug counselors and rehab centers. Knowing before you go is a major part of the battle.



Barbiturates Drug Facts

There are many different types of barbiturates. The names of some common ones (and brand names) include Pentobarbital (Nembutal), Secobarbital (Seconal), Amobarbital (Amytal) and Phenobarbital (Luminal); slang names for these barbiturates include yellow jackets, reds, blues, Amy’s, and rainbows. The barbiturate called pentobarbital is known as “truth serum.” Barbiturates dissolve easily in fat. Because of this property, barbiturates have ready access to the brain because they can cross the blood brain barrier easily. Also, since barbiturates dissolve into body fat, they can accumulate and then later re-enter the blood stream. Different barbiturates clear out of the blood stream at different rates. So giving an exact time frame as to how long until you are clean cant be done. It ranges from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on whether they are short or long acting.

So to be certain you are clean come test day, make sure you take precautions. Purchase a couple of self test kits to make sure you are clean. Knowing before you go is an important piece of the puzzle. If you aren’t clean, look into getting some solutions that will help to ensure you get that passing result you so desperately need. If you know you have a urine test, consider one of our guaranteed same day solutions. Just use on the day of the test and you will be guaranteed to pass the test. If you have a blood test, look into any of our Total Body blood and urine cleansers developed by our master herbalists. Kits range from Extreme user to nicotine users. Either way we are here to help and ensure you will be clean come test day after using any one of our body cleansing solutions.

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