The DUZ’z IT

The DUZ’z IT


DUZ’z IT blend’s powerful herbs and fiber together to help temporary cleanse your system, uses the power of natural and artificial ingredients to block the toxins in your body’s fat cells from getting into your urinary tract and helps you to beat the urine drug test. Starts working in 90 Minutes and is effective up to 5 hours. Money Back Guarantee. No Golden Seal which is detectable in drug testing. Moderate/Heavy Users. 99.99% Success Rate!

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DUZ’z-It is a Same Day Solution and is to be taken the day of the test, 90 minutes before you need to be cleansed.
Suggested Usage:

  • Drink the DUZ’z-It 90 minutes before needed.
    Please drink it within a 20 minute time frame.
  •  Please do not drink any more water.
  •  Urinate 2-3 time or more during the 90 minutes you are waiting to go.
  •  Make sure your urine is yellow, if not take a multivitamin.
  • It will be effective after 90 minutes and up to six hours there after.
Helpful Hints:
  • Avoid unwanted toxins (alcohol, coffee, vinegar, cranberry juice, prescription medications, goldenseal, sect.) for a minimum of 24 – 48 hours before starting your process.
  • Drink lots of water (not over 64 ounces a day,)  unsweetened tea and take 2-3 multivitamins a day.
  • Make sure your urine is yellow, if not take a multivitamin.
  • Urinate Frequently

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