2 oz. Enhancer

2 oz. Enhancer


This is developed to be used Before you use your favorite detoxifying shampoo. Improves success by loosening the shaft allowing easy penetration of the shampoo you decide to use.

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Shampoo Enhancer

1. Apply before using TEST’in DRUG SHAMPOO.
2. Apply entire bottle of TEST’in DRUG HAIR ENHANCER to damp hair.
3. Massage into hair and scalp thoroughly and let set for 20 minutes.
4. Rinse out thoroughly.

Helpful Rinses for the Hair Test:


They test back 90 days on a hair test. We are trying to clean out a bulb 1/8″ off the scalp.

1. You can make a strong tea mix and massage that into the scalp also, it all helps but does not cleanse by themselves, just soften the follicle so our products work better.
2. You can also make a paste out of Baking Soda, Apply it to the roots, leave it until it dries, wash out.

3. Wash the rinses out with Tide Laundry Soap, Then your own shampoo


We recommend the following recipe for tea: (China Black, Green or Lipton)
A. Bring a half of a gallon of water to a heavy boil.
B. Turn off heat
C. Put in 16 Tea bags of your choice.
D. Cover and let stand for 45 – 60 minutes (stronger the better).

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