Ways to Beat a Drug Test

With random drug testing becoming the norm for many large employers and government agencies, it is important that you are armed with plenty of relevant drug testing information in order to continue living your life free from drug test worries.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to pass a drug test. There are many ways to beat a drug test, from drinking as much water or cranberry juice as you can stomach in order to flush out the drug related toxins from your body, to trying special pass drug test cleansing products designed to absorb the toxins and clean your system.

Drug tests are usually in the form of saliva or urine drug test, but for a more accurate result, hair drug testing is increasingly common. However, although a hair drug test has a large detection window for illegal substances, we have a variety of pass drug test products to help you pass a hair follicle drug test easily and safely.

Drugs tests work by detecting the traces of illegal drugs or their metabolic by-products in your system. Products designed to help you beat a drug test remove all of these traces with the aid of vitamin, mineral and herbal ingredients and are 99% effective.