Urine Drug Test

A urine drug test can detect all manner of illegal substances and is commonly used to determine drug use, track drug dependency, determine the cause of a drug overdose, and as a random test in the workplace or prior to the offer of an employment contract.

There are three different types of urine drug tests. Home test kits are popular for detecting drug use in teens. EMIT urine tests are typically used in the workplace, although they often give inaccurate readings. GCMS is the most accurate urine drug test and can be used to corroborate positive results from other tests.

Urine drug tests offer fast results, but they can sometimes give false positives. This can happen when the test confuses over the counter medications with illicit drugs from the same class. If such a situation does occur, a more sensitive re-test will normally be carried out to corroborate the results.

Thankfully, it is possible to pass a drug test without going to the trouble of diluting or substituting your urine sample. There are various pass drug test products and drug testing information is available to help you remove all traces of drug related metabolites from your system, even if you are a relatively heavy drugs user.