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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I passed my hair strand for the career I have always wanted making more money than I ever have! Thank you especially Arlene! You really came through for me and reassured me when I needed it. She is definitely an asset to your organization and deserves a HUGE raise! I plan on passing the word to everyone I know about your website and your products. The THC Shampoo truly does work! Needless to say I was skeptical, but the proof will soon be evident in my wallet! Thanks again, I know the place to go if I EVER need help again. You have my undying gratitude!!
I emailed you guys about a month ago and I was the one that bought the 12 bottles of the Duzz it. First I'd like to say that from our whole team, we thank you.. I really didn't know if people would come around and take the bottles but when I just left them there for people to take, they were all gone, meaning there were 12 users on our team. After everyone left, 4 more people came up to me and told me that they needed a bottle in private. That's when I ordered 10 more bottles, just to make sure. (I honestly didn't think that I had so many drug users on the team.) It kind of makes me look a little different at drug use now. My athletes are star players and as we discussed, 1-2 of our players per year make it to the pro's. I'd say 40% use marijuana and some have confided in me that they always smoke before actual games! This totally shocked Me! Especially when it was coming from the captain of my defense! He averages more than 30 sacks per year and is on scholarship. Anyways.. I think all coaches should use this technique. They need to tell your players that it isn't ok to use drugs but you know that they are going to use. Get some of this Duz'z it pass your drug test offers and leave it on the table. I promise you all of the bottles will be gone and all of your players will be able to play this season. You will be amazed at how quickly the bottles disappear. Not only did this bring our team together, every single one of our players passed their urinalysis. They now treat me like a friend and a coach. We all thank you and you know I will be in touch. Post this for some coach to see. I am sure it will help someone.. Thanks Again!
Ok Folks, for me the wait is over. I am a light smoker (bowl on weekend) and stayed clean for 2 weeks and then screwed up on a Sunday with the test on Thursday AM. Thought I was screwed. Flushed with cranberry juice and water like mad and ordered Annihilator Kit. Stayed clean for 48 hours + b/4 test, Home tested with strips and got mixed faint lines at different times. Flushed all night until midnight and used Annihilator Kit 2 hours b/4 test (followed all the directions) and then WAITED. NO WORD "Sweating bullets" Finally contacted lab in duress and they said if I requested results in writing they would mail within 7 business days. Faxed request and it was in the mail today. (next day) Test was EMPLOYMENT PANEL #05G AMPHETAMINES NEG CANNABINOIDS NEG COCAINE METAB NEG OPIATES NEG PHENCYCLIDINE NEG CREATININE 24.6 MG/DL RANGE 20-500 DILUTION CHECK ACCEPTABLE ADULTERANT CHECK ACCEPTABLE Thanks Pass Your Drug Test! You saved my job, house and life.
To start off I would like to thank you for the help you've given me over the last month. I am a 41 year old male that has smoked pot for the last 23 years up until my recent custody battle. Make a long story short, I was forced to take a series of drug tests to prove I was a pot smoker so she could take my kids and take 65% of my earnings per month also.. I was scared. I then stumbled upon this site and had a couple of questions answered rather quickly by your staff. I went with Alex's suggestion and bought the Duzz It drink. I will be honest with you all. I really had my doubts. All I could think was, How can something be as easy as just drinking a bottle of this? How can this make me pass after 23 years of use. You know the saying, if it is too good to be true, it cant be real.. So I really had my doubts. So I went with a friends suggestion and bought the ready clean from the friendly little smoking shop down the way. I drank the ready clean the day of the test which was April 4th. and thought I was set... Get to the lab, pee in the cup, go home and then light up a nice little celebratory hit.. (Don't do this by the way..) Guess what, I get a call from the lab the next day and they said there were very low traces of THC in my sample and in order for them to give an accurate reading to the court, they would need to retest immediately. My heart sunk. Can you imagine losing your kids and your cash over a couple of hits of pot now and then? I called up the number on the ready clean bottle and listened to a wonderfully prepared answering machine tell me to leave a message for an hour.. I only had 1 more hour to pass this test! I called up the number Alex gave me for his products and they passed me off to him and we spoke for about 10 minutes. I told him how important this was and he reassured me I would pass if I drank the Duz it I had already bought. He convinced me... I drank the Duz it as instructed and then went to the test. I gave the sample and they automatically gave me the results right then. There was no THC at all to be found., This made them a little suspicious and they had me give another sample right then 40 minutes later. Alex said I was clean for 7 hours so I wasn't worried. (Alex, your confidence really helped me through this, thank you..) I gave another sample and it was also clean. I told them that was all they were getting and acted like I was mad my wife made me do this.... I passed my urine test!!!! Now my wife is angry because she knows I smoke... She asks around and finds out how to test for drugs besides urine.. She learns about these great tests called Hair testing and Blood Testing...... Needless to say, she found out where I could be tested and she lovingly had it setup. Now I was scared. I read on the Psychemedics link that they can test back 3-6 months! Also since I was a regular user of THC for all of these years, I knew it would be hard for me to pass. I contacted Alex again and he told me that he could definitely help. I now had my trust in him and respected his advice. I got the THC Shampoo and the 4 day Extreme Total Body program. I completed the 4 days of pills and that toxin remover formula and then waited for the test to be scheduled. 2 days after I completed the program, I was told I had to report for the hair test tomorrow.. So I did the 2 hours of shampooing my head and caught a little of the rangers game.. (Go rangers!) I washed the stuff out and went to bed. I woke up, went to the test, they pulled out my hair and put it in a baggie that I had to sign, and then they put it in an envelope and sent it off. I then went down the hall and had to let them take my blood. I really hate needles so my wife won on this one.. They took my blood and off I went. Now the wonderful waiting game.... I have waited 3 1/2 weeks for my results from these last 2 tests and was wonderfully informed I passed both!!! Alex you have really saved my life and my kids from her greedy mother. I still cant believe this worked. I am going to order a case of the Duzz it.. I'm not kidding either. I really believe that people should order this stuff to always have on hand because you really never know when you'll have to give a damn drug test to someone. I know the only test she can afford now is a urine test. She wasted $850 so far on this drug testing game. I think I have won... To all of you that need to pass, do what I did. I am not kidding at all. If it worked for me, it will work for any of you. I smoked the kindest for the last 20 years!!!!! Over 2 joints daily. My hair was probably all THC. I probably could have smoked it and gotten a buzz... Anyways, I hope you post this so that someone will read this and I pass off my good luck and fortune to them. All you have to do is believe. I didn't believe in the Duzz it and then went with the ready clean. Don't Use Ready Clean!! They should call it ready fail!! Good Luck and God Bless!
I think this web page is really wonderful. People need to realize that marijuana is not the terrible monster that the majority of the public thinks it is. Coming from first hand, laws against marijuana make good, innocent people criminals. The two worst drugs that kill more people than car crashes, aids and other various things, which are alcohol and tobacco, are legal and able for anyone of any age to get a hold of. What is wrong with this picture?
I'd just like to say that the All Drug shampoo works! I was just about to lose my job, when I purchased this product. I would not have been eligible for unemployment, and would have really been hurting for cash. My boss was so impressed, that now he's considering making me an assistant fry cook. I believe that this is the greatest product since Jonas Salk developed penicillin. God bless you!
Thank you so very much for the help and peace of mind you have given me. I was offered my dream job but first I had to pass the pee test. The information on your site, including the live person who helped me online, was very useful. I went to the lab with confidence using the Never Fail you suggested. I passed! Once again, thank-you. Hopefully, this issue will someday go away. In the meantime, keep up the great service.
I promised I would post my results, so here is my story. Heavy user of the bud for several months. I applied for a new job and stopped smoking. Two weeks later, I got a call for an interview and ordered the Total Body Kit and 45 minute Tablet right away. I started the program this Monday, and I need to report for screening on Friday. I used a test kit on Monday and it was POSITIVE. Today is day four and I just used another test kit. It is as Negative as Negative can be. Words cannot express my relief or gratitude to Alex and the fine staff at this company. They deliver their product as quickly as they say they can, and it works, like they say it does. To the folks at this site.... Thank you for being here for us!
I've just read your web page. The things you've said about freedom and being an asset to your community were right on. I, too, have taken up the battle, but not by choice. I am on probation for an incident this past summer. I am not a criminal, a drug dealer, or any of the other scummy things people who see or know me probably think. I am actually a very bright person....who happens to enjoy the pleasures of marijuana. This activity of mine has become increasingly harder now that I get drug tested once a week, witness and all. I personally use marijuana social, with friends. The main reason for my use is to combat depression that has plagued me as long as I can remember. I've been told it makes you depressed and all the other stuff, but it's the only thing that has ever brought me out of my own dungeon and into the light. I am a very kind, loving, and generous person who loves all living things. I want to contribute my talents to my community. I'm not the trash that everyone thinks I should be because of my use. I wish that I could afford your products so that I could so I could take that hit or too in the morning and not have to worry about piss tests. Well, I'll rap this up so you can get back to fighting for our rights. You people are true patriots. P.S. Because of my probation situation, I feel the need to be anonymous, though I truly wish that I could join the freedom fight. It's time for this country, I mean government, to open their eyes and minds. We have legal poisons for consumption, yet have made illegal a beneficial plant?!?!
I stumbled onto this site while looking for information for my son on how long crystal meth stays in the system. We have been going through some pretty terrible stuff as a family because of drugs. My son claimed that he had quit, and I want to believe him. He just stopped hanging around the people he used to do drugs with and has spent some time with an uncle who was addicted to cocaine who has gone through rehab. This all helped, but the hardest part has been moving on. My son has moved on with his life, except for a slip here or there, but unfortunately no one else has. People still assume that he is still using drugs daily. I don't know how long it will take before he actually proves that he is indeed clean. I pray that he isn't lying to us because we've come so far. He used for about 8 years I'm told, and is approximately 5-11" 135lbs so I'm not sure how long this stuff stays in your system. I ordered the 1 Hour emergency tea for him and he did pass his urine test with it. I found out he used 3 days prior to the test also. As a parent it has killed me to think that he has been involved in this stuff, I knew that something was up with him, but hid my head in the sand denying that it was drugs. Stupid huh? If you can quit, I highly encourage it. If you can afford help, get it. This stuff truly does destroy your life, your body, and your future. I know from experience that it lead to nowhere, and it's awfully hard to get back to somewhere.
I can't believe this!!!! I'm still in shock. I just got offered a new job in which I doubled my salary!!!!! For those of you new to the message board and others interested in hair testing and the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer and my drug background, I'll go into exquisite detail. I'm 34 years old. Smoked pot, did coke, etc heavily when I was 18, 19, 20 years old. Had to stop all of it when my boyfriend (ex-bf now) made me. I was with him for 13 years, so I was completely clean from age 21 to 34. When we broke up, I started smoking pot again heavily. 2 or 3 joints a other drugs. Found out about this great job so put my application in and quit smoking cuz I knew they had a drug test. I had to take a 6 hour long test for the job one Saturday on Applied Math, Applied Technology, Teamwork......crap like that. This is when they told us the drug test would be a hair follicle test if we passed this written test. I passed the test and was called in for an interview. Meanwhile, I was searching the web for hair follicle shampoo...hehehe. I saw many advertised, but for some reason was drawn to yours. I liked the way the info was presented on the web site....seemed very professional in comparison to other sites I had been to. I ordered the the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer package for thc (marijuana only) since I didn't do any other drugs. At this point I wasn't sure I would even be chosen to be tested after my interview but I didn't want to take any chances and be stuck with no shampoo. I know $130 is a lot to spend, but I figured either I'd get a good paying job if it worked, or I'd get my money back so I really had nothing to lose. I had it delivered overnight. The only potential problem that could have happened here is if my hair test would have been fairly early the next day because the package arrived in the afternoon and it takes about 2 hours to use the product. I found out I passed the interview and they scheduled me for the hair test. By this time, it had been about 20 days since I had last smoked. My hair test was at 3pm and I used the shampoo on the same day...about 10am. I followed the instructions exactly. The night before I went to Wal-Mart and bought the shower cap 97 cents for a cheap, disposable shower cap. Went in and took the test. They snipped about 25 or so hairs from 2 spots on the top of my head. They asked for a photo questions about any meds I might be taking, etc. This was on Feb 9....I got my call from the employer today....Feb 15. I asked if she was sure I had passed the drug test.......I told her I wanted to know becuz I was concerned about it becuz I was a front desk clerk at a hotel and had smelled pot in the hallways before and was concerned it might show up. That is true by the way, too...hehehe. But I wanted her to tell me for sure I had passed it because she just said she was gonna schedule me next for the physical and background check, but couldn't give me the exact start date til Friday. That's when she told me I had passed. I I'm hired for sure...I can call and tell everyone? She said long as my physical exam and background check were ok, which she foresaw no problem and I know I'll have no problem with that either. Soooooooooo........I'd been smoking pot heavily again for about 3 months before the test. My hair is long and very blonde, and I've heard it's harder to detect drugs in it but I'm not sure if that's true or not. Not sure about the rate of my hair growth....if the thc coulda grown out by then....They said they tested me 90 days back on the form, and I quit 20 days before so i doubt it. Man am I babbling or what!!! Someone PINCH me!!!! So, I'd definitely say it would be worth trying the the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer. I can't say it will work for sure....but it has appeared to work in my particular situation. There are 2 types of the Total Body cleansing shampoo you offer shampoo for thc only and the other for all toxins.....make sure you get the right one for you. I'll continue to check this message board to see if anyone has any questions for me.....but it has served it's purpose for me so I'm sure I'll eventually drift on. Just wanted everyone to know my results. Thanx for the info everyone....I am truly a "richer" person for it. =o)
OK people out there here is a good story. I gave 2 diluted samples for a pre employment drug screen . I have worked for this company as a temp. I was told to have another test taken at my expense. That is when I found this site. I also add I am a heavy user of the bud. At least joint a night if not more. I stopped smoking 2 days prior to taking the kit. Went to the local hospital to have my sample taken. My results come back neg. I went into my work with a grin from ear to ear. Handed the personnel director my paper work. Well guess what, that wasn't good enough for them. The wanted a document now from my personnel doctor telling them why I was DILUTED. So I went to my doctor after only stopping from my habit for two weeks. At my physicians I had to give a quick dip U/A. After that being negative he told me "HELL YOU COULD DRINK TO MUCH COFFEE, BUT WE SHALL SEE." so he took another urine sample and blood work to have checked out. Well got my results back today and I was clean as a whistle. I got my letter also stating I just drank to much before taking my two previous test. Plan on being hired in the next two weeks. So if you need to pass a blood test, the Total Body kit although not very enjoyable , It is definitely well worth the $$$$. Peace and good luck to all.
I thank you for your help in figuring out which product was suitable for me. I was an everyday smoker, but was abstinent for 10 days and had another week before I had to report for the test. It was at a commercial testing facility where there was some waiting time. The 45 minute tablet worked miracles though. Recommend it to your site viewers!

I have used your product, 1 Hour quick flush tea last year and was very happy with the results. I am a moderate to heavy smoker and the results were good. thanks for being there your products are excellent.

My wife purchased a product from a head shop in our town and FLUNKED her test for a really good job. She then was lucky and got a chance to take the test again. My friend told us (My wife and I) about your products. We purchased the Duzz it and she passed her test with flying colors. We would both like to thank you very very much and we would recommend your products and website to anyone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing your wonderful products! I passed my test with flying colors and got my dream job! I couldn't have done it without you. I just found your website and found the capsules and even though I ordered late in the day, the package showed up very quickly. Hopefully someday, employees will be judged on their performance and not their personal recreational habits, but until that time I'm book marking your address to tell all my friends.

You guys are great, I ordered some of your Never fail for my test that I was going to have this weekend and now I don't even need it because I tested myself first with your self testing kits.
After exchanging many emails with you regarding my test to get in the Army, you finally convinced me that I had nothing to lose by using your Heavy Detox kit. I ordered it and after completing the program I passed my drug test. So post this on your testimonial section for all to see and let them know this stuff really does work. I used at least twice daily and clean I was. Be all you can Be!!
I thank you for your help in figuring out which product was suitable for me. I was an everyday smoker, but was abstinent for 10 days and had another week before I had to report for the test. It was at a commercial testing facility where there was some waiting time. The 45 minute tablet worked miracles though. Recommend it to your site viewers!
No need to respond as I know you receive a high volume of email and message board requests. I just wanted to thank you for all the information I received through your web site and correspondence. Numerous people told me to purchase products through my local head shop, but I didn't have the same confidence in products I was unable to research. Your site has made me very comfortable w/ my choice of products - I'm sure they're going to meet my needs. Just for your information, I am a daily toker, 5'8" 180 lb. female. I've cut back on smoking though I enjoy it too much to give it up completely. I ordered the Heavy User Kit and tea. I plan to follow the directions faithfully and give up smoking during the detox period. I can't say enough about the level of confidence your site has given me. I look forward to passing a test if I'm subjected to one. I'm going through a divorce and it's possible my soon to be ex might bring up my vice if/when we have a custody dispute. I was never a boy scout (being female prevented that option...*laugh*), but I do believe in being prepared.