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In June, my husband and I were finally fulfilling our dream of owning our own business, however when dealing with our banker he informed us that we needed a 75,000 life insurance policy. Anyone in the know would know that means a blood and urine test. Although we haven't been heavy users for some time we know that the THC is hard to get out of your system. We were Devastated. What to do. Go to the internet. We found PASS YOUR Drug Test .com. We printed the information and ordered the Total Body program. We were skeptical but we had no choice. My husband followed the program carefully, the diet was challenging he's never been on a diet in his life. Day 5 he tested with the enclosed test. CLEAN!!!! This program worked. Our business plan will go forward.
I was really skeptical about your products as I have been a lab tech for over 20 years and know how sensitive the instruments when I applied for a job that required pre employment drug screening I immediately found your site and ordered an xlr8 for heavy users, and a bottle of DUZ'z-IT 1 HOUR. Did the heavy Total Body kit for 5 days, took the test, light line on the test kit (THC), drank the DUZ'z-IT 1 HOUR, waited 2 hours, did another test, came out clean...ran over to give my sample, waited anxiously for 6 days, then got a written job offer for more money than I had asked for! now I'm convinced your products work! I have been a daily toker for 25 years! Thank you! It was worth every cent!
Thanks for the help and for existing on the web. I ordered and used All Drug Shampoo last week, passed my drug test, and start my new job this Monday. You guys rock! Also thanks to your phone & email support. They were both very prompt and answered my questions.
I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! :-) I'm a 31 year old male, and I've been a daily smoker for over 11 years. I don't smoke before work, or during, only when I get home. So I don't see why I should be tested. What I do on my own time, and in my own house is nobody's business. It does not effect my job performance whatsoever. Recently I was offered a killer job with a killer salary in the computer industry (which is where I been working in the last 7 years ). To my surprise they perform an initial drug and alcohol test for pre employment. To shed a little light on the background of my situation. I was just married in June and for my honeymoon we spent 10 days in Hawaii. This was my second time in Maui!!!! Can you say Awesome!!!! Well, you could image the KIND of bud I got my hands on out in Hawaii. A very good friend of my mine lives out there now, and I have not seen him in over five years, so it was great to see him. Needless to say we celebrated quite often with the "Good old days" and had a great time dining out in Lahaina and hanging out in his beautiful new home. With my daily use and the quality of bud in Hawaii, my THC factor was probably really high. After saying all of that I stopped smoking for ten days (that's how much this job is paying!!!) and bought the DUZ'z-IT product. I followed the directions and passed the test with no problem. If I could pass using this product then anyone can pass. You guys really came through for me, even though I had some doubt. You guys make it fair for us people who smoke at home and bother no one to get those killer jobs that which normally would be unattainable just because we smoke. I just wanted to say Thanks. I'll inform everyone about your website so my fellow comrades can reap the benefits of the products that you guys develop. Keep up the great work. You have pleasant people that work the phones and give great unbiased information. Nick your awesome!!! Thanks very much.
I got on your web site several weeks ago and purchased Super fizzy tablets. Thank you, thank you I passed. I failed the first test after using a product (35.00 later!) purchased in a head shop. My husband and I are planning to adopt our second child and we are required to have a physical and a drug test. I enjoy a joint or two a week and for heaven's sake I don't think that makes me an "inadequate prospective adoptive mother". Luckily, my Dr. just threw the other failed drug test in the trash! I have to say I was nervous that for some reason it too would fail. But, you were right and you didn't let me down.
Hello all you doubters! I've been a smoker for many years and a once a day smoker only (except for weekends) for about 2 years. I got the job of a lifetime and was told that before I start I would have to have a urine test. I was very worried because I didn't have enough time to clean out on my own. The people at this site suggested I use the Total Body heavy kit for my situation because I wanted to be absolutely sure and honestly, a bit paranoid because of the more than two decades I had smoked. This job opportunity was way too important to screw up. I stopped smoking for 11 days before my kit arrived. I took a test at home a failed. I started on 7/25 and ended on 7/30 (the sixth day). I followed the program to the letter and I took another test on the afternoon of the 30th. I WAS CLEAN. No joke. Even though I was still a little skeptical when I started the Total Body detox, I now believe in miracles! I can thank the people at the site and my new best friend for that! Thanks a million and I will tell people about this site. I think testing is bull, because what I do at home has nothing to do with anything about work. How could we be responsible people, hold jobs and do good work if we were affected by what we do on OUR time. But when you want to job that means the world to you, you have to do what they want. I know a person who smokes before work and has been at the same job for 18 years! Would that be possible if smoking made him unreliable at the job? No way. No boss would put up with that! Thanks again to the site people. Remember, I'm an average Joe (No, that's not my name) who now has a job that will change my life and don't have to give myself an aneurysm waiting for my test results. And three cheers for the Dr. and his products. Pass it on (pardon the pun)
Thanks very much. You saved my bacon and changed my life from here on. I got my job! I will make it my personal mission to spread the word in the UK about your site. All the best.
I rarely send in praise to a company but I really felt the need to let everyone know that your solutions really do work and I would really appreciate it if you would post this for everyone to read. I am 43 years old and my wife and I have smoked marijuana for 25 years and indulge in other recreational type drugs occasionally. My wife and I worked for the same company (Xerox) for 22 years! As you may know Xerox is in the shitter. They laid off 20 good friends of mine including my wife and I. Do you have any idea what kind of a feeling we had when we were given the old pink slip? It really was a pink slip too. Anyways, I have always been taught to keep a positive attitude and to see how you can make the best out of the situation. I immediately called my headhunter and told them about our situation. 1 day later I received a call that a good company was looking to hire a whole new team to take over a new department they were starting up. Only thing was everyone I referred to them including myself needed to be drug tested. I started to search on the web for help to pass this test and immediately came across your very informative website. I looked over the many products you offer and decided on the DUZ'z-IT 1 HOUR for myself and 4 others, and the Total Body kit for my wife and 5 of her colleagues. All I can say is WOW! Every single one of us passed! It has only been 2 weeks since we have started with this new company and how we do is up to us from here on out. All I can say though is that your DUZ'z-IT and the Total Body kit really do work. If anyone needs to pass one of these ridiculous tests, take the real time drug test they have here on the site to see what you need to do in your situation. My final message, then? You have a choice with your life. Want to be trader? Then do everything you can to be a trader. Want to be doctor? Then decide you're going to be a doctor. The important thing is to just do it. Not cavalierly, of course, but with planning and determination. Trust me, no one is ever going to call and offer you your dream life or dream job and you can easily lose your job in a second. But it's there for you, if you make the effort. And these products offers will help you in achieving your goals. Best of Luck In Life!
I was only clean for two days I used your THC shampoo and went to my drug test, since it was a hair test I really thought I had no chance of passing I had no faith in your product I mean I've been smoking heavily for 14 years I just moved from Santa Cruz, I can not believe I passed my drug test. Thank you so much it was money well spent. I will pass it on to everybody.
I lost my job in May of 2001. It took me several months to find a job that I liked that paid well. Lets just say it is my dream job. I was offered the job last Monday and accepted it. I received a phone call on Thursday from the Human Resource department asking me if I could come in for my drug test. I was shocked. I started looking on the internet for some sites to help me pass. I am not what I would consider a "drugie", but I do occasionally smoke some weed. I found your website and spoke to a representative who suggested the crisis capsules. I was very skeptical on if they would work or not. I ordered them overnight and received them this morning. I followed the directions and went to take the test with my fingers crossed. When the results came back I was amazed. I passed!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much! I just wanted to let all others that visit your site know that your products really do work. It is NOT a scam. If I ever have to take another test, I will definitely be back!
Ahhh first I had my doubts about your products but now I truly believe they are a gift sent from heaven...Ya see my company just landed this big contract and that particular company requires all of there employees and contractor employees to be DOT regulated. Keep in mind this company i work for has not drug tested a single sole sense the time they opened the door in 1970's. Needless to say there were a few tokers on the payroll. Me being one of them. When we got the news about the drug testing it was never disclose to us that everyone would be subjected to the first test then randomed from there. We were told that we were going to randoms. This was on a Friday. So pretty much everyone was sweating but me..ya see I had purchased some Tinkle Sprinkle about 2 months prior to this notification because I had a minor accident and was worried i would be drug tested also to put an ease on my mind that if some thing did happen where i needed to pee i would be covered. Any way everyone walks into work on Monday and guess what....Yep you guessed it..DRUG TEST! and we all had 30mins from the time the forms were handed to us to be at the testing center. Ahh man I drank so much water in 30 mins I pissed every 5 mins for 2 days. But what saved me was the Tinkle Sprinkle. There was no way in hell that I would have passed that test. My friends were not so lucky. When they handed the lady their cups they were damn near melting. This was so close to being my job and i have only one person to thank for allowing me to keep this job. THANK YOU "Pass Your Drug Test .com" if it was not for you I would have been jobless. Now all of my friends buy from you guys.
To Everyone, I must admit, I was skeptical, I mean, with my luck and all......I'm a believer now, and thank you to all who helped! One of my friends is a chemist, and he told me my only hope was to drink lots of water and "it will still take 40 days". I'm sending links to everyone, they've all asked for your address anyway. Thanks again, and I look forward dealing with you again in the future!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I smoked everyday and thought I was screwed when I was told at my interview that I'd be pee tested in 2 weeks, I bought the crisis capsules as a last resort, knowing that as a heavy pot smoker the THC would be in my system for 6 weeks. I didn't think I'd stand a chance. Just got the results back today and I'm clean as a whistle. Brilliant!!!!!!!
I was offered a dream job, but was pretty worried because I smoked pot EVERY DAY... I was panicked when I heard I had to take a blood and urine test. When I franticly searched the internet for help when I came across your site. I was very DOUBTFUL but purchased it anyway. AND I PASSED!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU
I took the 45 min pill after 11 days off of smoking some white hydro, some of the best Mary Jane you can get. I was real worried about the THC content and your live Operators were the BEST, and VERY supportive. Thank You! Thank You! I just smoke to relax after a long day and do not consider it a bad thing. Its wrong in our society when a Drunk can get a job but a casual Mary smoker can not. Any way enough with the politics, thank you I will recommend yawl to all of my friends. Thanks again for being there for me! Oh by the way I got a GREAT JOB!
Just wanted to let anyone out there that is curious about the fizzy tabs know that they definitely do work. I ordered the tabs for myself, and right after being offered a Total Body job the 9/11 catastrophe occurred. I had a friend here that was visiting from Arizona (here being Colorado). That friend had an open case pending in court, and had to do a piss test, in court, the very next day. Of course, the friend mentions this to me the night before his court case, and right after we had smoked a few blunts of some really good bud. I remembered my fizzy tabs and suggested that he use them. I also suggested that he fast that night and drink lots of water in hour intervals, since he waited till the last minute to tell me. We are every day users, smoking usually one blunt and a few joints every day. Neither one of us tops the scales at 150. When he woke up the next morning before his court time, we only had one hour before court to prepare him for the drug test. We used the fizzy tabs. He went to court and the only way I would know they worked was if he came back later that evening. His court time was at 9:30 a.m. He finally arrived home at 5pm with quite a smile on his face and told me that he passed his drug test with flying colors. If he hadn't passed, he would have been looking at some serious jail time, and he had just become a new father. Needless to say, I was very relieved at the outcome and now know that when I have to use them, (obviously not one hour before testing) I am guaranteed great results. You can trust these products. You really can.
Please put this in your testimonial section. Kudos.. PASSYOURDRUGTEST.Com! You are an honest vendor who makes an excellent product that WORKS! I will be honest though. I bought the extreme heavy user five day detox plan. It was the toughest 5-7 days I have ever experienced. A combination of the program, the stress, and the lack of libation made for a pretty shitty memorial day weekend. IT WAS WORTH IT ALL. I promise, that I will recommend your product to anyone I can. Respectful Regards
It worked AGAIN for the 8th time. Don't be a cheap ass get the sure solution, total body detox EXTREME user package. I'm a 10 year+ nugget connoisseur and I did have doubts but it has proven it's self tried and true. From a friend to a friend (we are all in this together if you smoke) the shit works no matter how much you smoke. Your Friend, Bryn P. PS. I'm only speaking of the total extreme body detox kit.