Oxycodone Drug Test

Oxycodone is one of a number of high profile prescription drugs used by people all over the world and, unfortunately, although it is a very effective painkiller with lots of legitimate uses, Oxycodone is also highly addictive. When incorrectly used, Oxycodone can produce a heroin-like high and it is classed as an “opiate”, but because it is a synthetic drug as opposed to a naturally occurring opiate, only drug tests specifically designed to detect Oxycodone will be able to pick up the lower levels of the drug residue found in the body of those using Oxycodone.

Not all home drug tests will be sensitive enough to detect Oxycodone use, so if you are a concerned parent or relative, you should be careful to ensure you select a saliva, hair follicle, or urine drug test suitable for the detection of Oxycodone.

If you are an Oxycodone user and you are facing the prospect of a drug test, we have drug testing information and resources to help you pass a saliva, urine or hair follicle drug test. There are lots of pass drug test products available to assist users of Oxycodone. By cleansing your system of the remaining drug metabolites, you will be able to avoid placing your career in jeopardy and pass a drug test.