Methamphetamine Urine Drug Test

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that produces similar effects to crack cocaine and if taken long-term, methamphetamine can cause psychosis and other unpleasant symptoms. Unlike cocaine, the metabolites produced from methamphetamine stay in the body for longer.

According to standard drug testing information, most 5-panel drug tests will be able to detect the presence of methamphetamine. The drug will show up in a methamphetamine urine drug test for between 3-7 days following drug use, so to avoid detection, you are advised to stay clean for between 2 and 5 days prior to a planned methamphetamine urine drug test.

If you have to have a drug test within 48 hours of taking methamphetamine, there are some pass drug test cleansing products available to help flush out drug related toxins from your body. If it is sooner than 48 hours, you should also be able to pass a urine drug test with the aid of a stronger cleansing product.

The negative effects of using methamphetamine are widely publicized, so ideally you should not use this dangerous and addictive drug, but if you are a user and who is concerned about random drug testing, try one of our cleansing products to help you pass a drug test.