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How To Pass Your Drug Test

As many of you already know, drug testing is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. 81% of all companies surveyed now perform tests to determine whether you are a user and possible hazard to their company. Insurance agencies and courts are also major drug testers.

So the question anyone that has to take a drug test asks is, How Do I Make Sure I Pass?

There are basically four types of tests that they perform.

The first and most popular is the Urine test. This procedure usually involves you going into the bathroom and filling up a cup with your urine. They either use a test card right then for immediate results or send it away to a lab to get tested through a sophisticated gas analyzer.

The second type of test is a Hair Follicle test. Hair testing is quite accurate and can go back 6 months, showing all of the toxins you used in a sort of timeline. Many people try to get around this by just shaving their head. Know that they will go for your underarm, pubic, leg or arm hair if you do not have the required 1/2 inch on your head.

The third type of test is a Blood test. Blood testing is usually performed for serious employment positions or when you are applying for insurance policies. This is expensive and not very common.

The fourth type of test is the Saliva test. This is not common and can only detect toxins used 3-4 days prior. Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies use this method most often.

The most obvious way to pass a drug test is to not have any drugs in your body they can detect. If you don't use anything, you have nothing to worry about. Passing a drug test is not as difficult as you may think. Toxins in your system do not stay Total . The first thing you need to do is check out how long each toxin remains in your system. We created a drug use time table that we recommend you check out. Also take our live online drug test. Answer a few questions and you'll know how long it will really take for you to get clean.

As for those of you that email us with questions about what you can use that is in your house, let us save each other some time and tell you the following do not work and are 100% myths. Do not base your future on hearsay. Go with a product guaranteed to work.


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