How To Pass A Barbiturate Drug Test

Barbiturates are synthetic drugs designed for the treatment of seizures and as a sedative, but because barbiturates are a highly addictive prescription medication, it is not uncommon for patients to become permanently hooked on the drug. Some users mix barbiturates with other drugs, including alcohol, but if you are a regular barbiturate user, it is possible to remove all traces of the drug in order to enable you to pass a drug test.

Pass drug test cleansing products can remove the metabolites left behind after barbiturate use. The detection period for anyone using barbiturates is 2-3 days following a single use and 2-4 days if you are a more regular user. Obviously, if you are aware of a planned drug test, it is sensible to abstain from use to avoid detection, but in the case of a random urine drug test or similar, you can use one of our cleansing and detoxifying products to help you pass a drug test.

The window of detection for hair drug tests is much longer—up to 90 days—so to pass a hair follicle drug test, ideally you should avoid barbiturate use where possible, but it is still possible to obliterate traces of the drug from your hair by using deep cleansing shampoos and detoxifying products.