Home Drug Test Kits

Home drug test kits are easy to obtain and can offer 99% accuracy. Whether you are concerned about possible drug use or abuse in a loved one, or you wish to test for your own peace of mind to ensure you are able to pass a workplace drug test, home drug test kits are discrete and simple to use.

All home drug test kits come with plenty of drug testing information and there are three main types of kit. You can choose from a saliva, hair, or urine drug test, and all three will be able to accurately detect the presence of illegal drugs in the system.

A urine drug test is the most commonly available and will give you results in about five minutes. A saliva drug test is the simplest to use and only requires use of a cotton swab in the mouth. A hair follicle drug test involves a sample of hair being sent away for analysis.

Today’s home drug test kits are so accurate that there is very little chance of false positives occurring, but if a person fails to pass drug test using a random hair follicle drug test or similar, further testing can be carried out.