Hair Drug Test

A hair drug test gives the greatest detection rate for all illegal substances and is typically used by the courts because of its accuracy and convenience. A small sample of hair will be required, but if the hair on the head is extremely short or non-existent, hair from the body may be collected instead. Unlike results obtained from saliva or urine drug tests, results from a hair follicle test have to be sent to a laboratory for analysis, but the subsequent results are normally considered to be more accurate than other methods of drugs testing.

But although hair drug tests ARE very accurate, it is possible to pass a hair follicle drug test through judicious use of drug testing information and hair drug testing cleansing products. We sell several products to help drug users cleanse all traces of illegal substances from their hair follicles. These include shampoos and “Mudd” products based on a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies.

Detoxifying shampoos are ideal for infrequent drug users and thanks to the special formulations contained within these pass drug test products, you will have no concerns about the possibility of failing a hair drug test at work or under any other scenario.