Ecstasy Drug Testing

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a widely used and abused “club” amphetamine drug. Ecstasy drug testing can take the form of saliva or urine drug test, or even a hair follicle test.

If you are an occasional user of ecstasy, the detection period for the metabolites left behind after drug use will vary. For urine drug testing and saliva test, metabolites can remain in the body for 2/3 days after use, but for heavy users, the window of detection will last for up to 12 days. In the case of hair follicle testing, the detection window is even longer at 90 days.

Home ecstasy drug testing can be carried out by anyone who is concerned about a member of their family that might be using drugs. Home drug test kits are usually urine or saliva based, but hair follicle testing can also be carried out and the results obtained after specified period of time.

Thankfully, it is possible to pass all drug tests, even if you are a regular user of ecstasy, and we sell a wide range of pass drug test products that are designed to help flush out the metabolites left behind from drug use, including amphetamines such as ecstasy.